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February 26, 2015 :
   The Saudi Gazette Article "Changing landscape"

“ Some countries whose currencies are pegged to the dollar benefit from deflation brought about by the stronger green buck in the same way as American manufacturers do. For instance, Saudi manufacturers can now import raw materials cheaply, so that they can compete with international manufacturers of finished products.”

Published on Mar 3, 2012 by ChairmanNatto
More details can be found on the Main Website:
Research Reports and Valuation Models in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & the Middle East & North Africa (MENA). As discussed in our recent video, the foreign investors have arrived.

Mark Mobius on Investing in Frontier Markets

Saudi Market Opens Up, but Gradually

Crude reasons support Saudi stocks

July 23rd, 2011 We at The KIN Consortium have recently produced Android Applications, published dozens of articles, economic research reports, videos, and new web pages announcing a new product to stimulate local businesses like restaurants, hotels, golf courses, auto dealers, and we are considering taking on museums. Join us if you want to make some money vitalizing your local community.

"July 14th, 2011 Arab News Article:  The Auto industry and Technology"

Published: Jul 13, 2011 22:48 Updated: Jul 14, 2011 00:03

We at The KIN Consortium believe that the Kingdom’s economy will continue to flourish as we adopt state-of-the-art technology into our respective businesses. At this moment in time, we would like to publicly state our commitment to continue building and developing both the image and infrastructure of the Kingdom. We are taking this hands-on approach to developing these applications because a number of our readers have verbalized their disappointment in the growth rate of the economy. In fact they have gone so far as to say that our articles are full of enthusiasm, as opposed to action. In an attempt to appease the disappointed critics we would like to say, “As you can see we at The KIN Consortium have developed applications for both the restaurant industry and now the auto industry. The aforementioned state of the art applications have literally put the economy of the KSA on the cutting edge of technology.”

"July 12th, 2011 :  We built and launched our sixth Android Application for the "ALJ Android Application" in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

IF YOU USE GOOGLE ANDROID FEEL FREE TO DOWNLOAD the "ALJ Android Application" developed by The KIN Consortium."

Android Market

"July 7th, 2011 :  We built and launched our fifth Android Application for the "On The Border MExican Grill & Cantina" in the city of Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

IF YOU USE GOOGLE ANDROID FEEL FREE TO DOWNLOAD the "On The Border MExican Grill & Cantina" developed by The KIN Consortium."

Android Market

"July 7th, 2011 Arab News Article:  Restaurant industry — a fruitful business"

Published: Jul 7, 2011 00:12 Updated: Jul 7, 2011 00:28

This week we have decided to discuss the restaurant industry, simply because it’s one of the most consistently profitable sectors of the economy. We at The KIN Consortium have researched a variety of sources and we found a report that was recently published in 2011 that was entitled, “NCB Saudi Economic Perspectives.” The restaurant industry took a dramatic hit in 2009, and recovered somewhat in 2010. According to the SAMA (Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency) and NCB forecasts, the restaurant industry should have fully recovered by the end of 2011. Keep in mind that restaurants are one of the key sources of entertainment in the Kingdom. We are blessed in the Kingdom because the markets are full of fruits, vegetables, and spices from all over the world. It’s an absolute delight for both restaurant chefs and restaurant patrons. If you select the right restaurants, you can literally experience the cuisine and ambiance of almost every culture on the planet. There are literally elegant restaurants and fast food chains from almost every part of the world. The only question is the long-term survival of each restaurant in a market that has a customer base with whimsical taste buds — also in a market that is saturated with a variety of competing theme restaurants.

"July 5th, 2011 :  New Video describing the latest two Android applications."

"July 2nd, 2011 :  We built and launched our fourth Android Application for the "Elia Restaurant" in the city of Dubai in the UAE.

IF YOU USE GOOGLE ANDROID FEEL FREE TO DOWNLOAD the "Elia Restaurant" developed by The KIN Consortium."

Android Market

"June 30th, 2011 Arab News Article:  Evolution of the economy"

Published: Jun 29, 2011 23:05 Updated: Jun 29, 2011 23:05

In the media, they have been referring to Greece as if it were the Achilles’ heel of the European economy. If we analyze the growth of the Euro from a historical standpoint, it would be plain to see that they gained ground against the US dollar by using a strategy that involved adopting new countries into the European Union. The fact of the matter is that the global financial crises have put a strain on the euphoric growth prospects of Europe. When you take a closer look at the various Greek bankers, you will notice that they have invested and loaned money to the old Soviet Union. Apparently they were anticipating that the various eastern bloc economies would be adopted into the EU.

"June 30th, 2011 :  We built and launched our third Android Application for the "Candy Bouquet" in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

IF YOU USE GOOGLE ANDROID FEEL FREE TO DOWNLOAD the "Candy Bouquet Android Application" developed by The KIN Consortium."

Android Market

"June 23rd, 2011 Arab News Article:  Smartphones enhance efficiency"

New Video CLICK on the Graphic Below

Published: Jun 23, 2011 00:39 Updated: Jun 23, 2011 00:40

Instead of discussing the financial markets, and the usual banter about corruption and manipulation. This week we have chosen to discuss how we at The KIN Consortium can do something proactive to vitalize the Saudi Economy. As many of you know our expertise is not limited to risk analysis and risk management in the financial markets. We also stand amongst the leading computer science engineers in terms of developing websites and developing applications on the new Google Android platforms. This week we actually launched two applications, and the downloads are literally in the thousands already. The technology is amazing and incredibly empowering to both consumers and retailers.

Freedom, mobility, and Internet connectivity are here at last on a bigger touch screen than the tiny iPhones. Stay tuned for the roll out of the 7 inch tablet smart phones from every major competitor in the business on an Android platform. We at The KIN Consortium plan to review each of these products as they become available in the marketplace, and we pledge to keep you informed about the strengths and weaknesses of each respective product and application. Each new application can be designed to enhance the efficiency of a variety of different business models. Imagine applications that are specifically designed for different industries like the hotel and tourism, the brokerage, and the medical industry just to name a few.

"June 19th, 2011 :  We built and launched our second Android Application for the Hilton Hotels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

IF YOU USE GOOGLE ANDROID FEEL FREE TO DOWNLOAD the "Hilton Hotel Android Application" developed by The KIN Consortium."

Mirror 1
Mirror 2

"June 19th, 2011 :  We built and launched the first "The KIN Consortium" Android Application for smart phones.

Its complete with links to videos, articles, and I put in some poems that if tapped they will play an audio files of Chairman Natto reading the poems."
"June 16th, 2011 Arab News Article:  Inflation and market manipulation"

Published: Jun 16, 2011 00:39 Updated: Jun 16, 2011 00:40
This week we witnessed a scene that accurately depicted market sentiment. All newspapers and media outlets had images of perfectly good-looking fruits and vegetables being cast into piles of garbage.
We are talking about the E-Coli scare that lead to hundreds of millions of losses in terms of European Agriculture products.
It seems that when the underlying asset is a commodity like a farm product, then the market is quick to devalue it.
Totally absent from the usual chorus of the media were the voices of controlling the market or soft landings.
The prices went directly to zero and the farm products were piled in heaps of garbage.
We at The KIN Consortium found this too be a refreshing change of pace.

"June 9th, 2011 Arab News Article:  Research reports and credibility"

Published: Jun 9, 2011 00:36 Updated: Jun 9, 2011 01:08

This week we would like to discuss the degradation of the quality of research reports over the last 16 years. It seems the markets have changed to the degree that investors and financial market commentators scoff with disgust at analysts and their estimates.
Furthermore, the presence of High Frequency Traders (HFT) makes the market react in an even more irrational manner, which dilutes the credibility of the markets even further.
We have devised a solution that we believe addresses the concerns of investors, and allows for the analysts to do a more comprehensive job.
Simply do away with the buy, sell or hold recommendation and allow investors to make their own decision.

"June 2nd, 2011 Arab News Article:  Golden opportunities"

Published: Jun 1, 2011 23:01 Updated: Jun 1, 2011 23:01

Obviously, the recent announcements in the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) Development report are important steps to revitalize the economy of the Kingdom.
They seem to have touched on a number of key issues like minimum wage, the health care industry, transparency, anti-corruption campaigns, and the list goes on as you can see below.

"May 26th, 2011 Arab News Article:  Back to the basics of business"

Published: May 26, 2011

We spent the week in vibrant debates with a series of financial market experts in London. We talked about a number of issues including the status quo of the financial industry in the GCC region. The executive search team asked open-ended questions in an attempt to pre-qualify the various candidates for senior level positions at brand name international banks in the region. I patiently answered their questions for two and a half hours before it dawned on me that these guys are totally unaware of the reality on the ground. Then I started to correct them by highlighting the different aspects of the economy along with the strengths and weaknesses of the various international banks in the region. Let’s start with the reality of the situation in Saudi Arabia, which is that it is literally going through its industrial age.

"May 21th, 2011 Zawya an affiliate of Dow Jones Newswire:  Japanese Crises case study proves market inefficiency "

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am laying out the articles that we published with the dates, so that you may be able to see how our forecasts have beaten the rest of the world. While forecasting the market dynamics is a formidable task, we are focussing on an even greater problem. In the April 28th Article we discussed the inefficiency of the financial markets using the Japanese Crises as a case study. This is the proof that back testing and pre-programmed trading is ridiculous.

"May 19th, 2011 Arab News Article:   Choices and strategies for economic growth"

At any given moment countries have three choices of growth, bankruptcy, or refinancing debt The alternatives are simply that things can go up, they can go down, or they can stay the same. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia we have witnessed a growing trend that seems to follow the same game plan of a number of countries and states. The game plan is to build commercial and residential locations that will consume utilities. The idea is then to market the locations in a way where a huge number of people would come to rent and pay the utility bills. It's an excellent plan at first glance because it is ideal for all sorts of investors ranging from both Islamic to conventional forms of finance. Lets take a moment to define and analyze the strategy in a variety of locations around the globe.

"May 12th, 2011 Arab News Article:   Controlling Market Trends"

Published: May 11, 2011 23:27 Updated: May 11, 2011 23:27

    Assume that the burgeoning debt brought down the dollar, and it brought about the rise of commodities linked to the dollar. The fact is the rise of commodities recently hit new highs in silver, gold, cotton, and a whole host of others. In fact it impacted currencies dramatically, which is evidenced by the sky-rocketing Australian dollar. Everybody is scrambling to control the markets including the rating agencies with their recent downgrades from S&P on the US Credit Rating. This new trend brought about a series of changes in the position of the Federal Reserve. They want to end Quantitative Easing 2, which in essence is an end to the US Government buying its own debt because nobody else wants it. The Federal Reserve wants to stop acting like the Japan model because it is being ridiculed for self-financing the US Government.

"May 5th, 2011 Arab News Article:  Financial Solutions available in the KSA"

In the past we have written a number of articles about the growth of the KSA, and we have discussed certain hurdles that are hindering the growth of the economy. The topic for this week is about the tools available in the financial industry in the Kingdom. We have recently met with a CFO from Poland, who works for a prominent Saudi Family. He was new to the Kingdom, and he had very little knowledge about the financial tools that are available. In fact he was extremely frustrated with the fact that his balance sheet was literally leveraged 8 times. The company made sales to government ministries that are obviously slow to pay due to their own bureaucratic hurdles. The foreign CFO seemed to be brimming with sarcasm and frustration as he lashed out with disparaging remarks about being paid in, and I quote "Camels".

"May 4th, 2011 CNN Article:  New Flash Crash"

Apple Computer crashed for a split second at 10:51 AM. We reached out to investors, students, SEC, and the media to get it corrected. Reuters published later that the incident was corrected at the BATS exchange.

"April 28th, 2011 Arab News Article:  Manipulation of the markets"

Published: Apr 28, 2011 00:29 Updated: Apr 28, 2011 00:29

THE anniversary of the May 6th “Flash Crash” is coming up soon. We at The KIN Consortium are excited to hear about the changes in the markets and exchanges since that day of devastating losses. The free markets stood back in awe as companies suddenly traded at or near zero dollars per share.

It all happened in a matter of seconds, but the lasting ramifications is evidenced by the ruined confidence in the market place in terms of real human investors. The culprit was a high frequency trading tactic called, “Quote Stuffing,” which occurs when a trader places a bid of zero while placing an asking price of a 1,000,000. The idea behind this tactic was to slow down the extremely fast leveraged computers that were buying and selling faster than the human traders could place the order in the markets. On that horrible day the various traders overwhelmed the system with quote stuffing orders, until the stock prices fell too zero. The market reaction was full of shocked reporters, investors, and company owners. The exchanges and the various regulators went to work spinning up new rules that would surely prevent such a calamity from happening again. I think they missed the point entirely.

"April 21st, 2011 Arab News Article:  Forecasting Market Trends"

Published: Apr 20, 2011 19:35 Updated: Apr 20, 2011 19:35
We apparently have our finger on the pulse of international financial markets. On December 16, 2010, we published an article discussing alternatives to debts and equities — like oil and gold.
The fact is that various financial market analysts are confirming that view in the midst of April 2011.
Our thesis for the commodities recommendation was based on the burgeoning debt and the rising risk of bankruptcy among the various debt insurers.
The forecast for sovereign and corporate debt doom and gloom was ratified by Standard & Poors issuing a negative outlook on the credit rating of the US.
The markets swooned from its recent highs with an intra-day retreat of over two percent.
The Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) is the principle that’s holding the feet of the traders to the fire of Fair Market Value (FMV), because the news is full of pending doom in the earnings reports and conference calls.

"April 14th, 2011 Arab News Article:  Challenges facing bond investors"

Published: Apr 14, 2011 00:07 Updated: Apr 14, 2011 00:07

Shopping for bond investments in April of 2011 is similar to eating at a buffet. Every time they lift the cover off the food you see a variety of delicious choices.
Then you peer down on your plate that’s already full of delicious choices and you start to wonder how you can pile on more variety.
This week we would like to take the opportunity to discuss and explore the differences and similarities in international sovereign debt.
Apparently it’s a common misconception to believe that there is only one internationally accepted standard of either raising money or rating debt.
In fact this discussion might demystify the role of the rating agencies and their shady politicized image.
The rating agencies are not comparing apples to apples around the world.
When the likes of Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, and Fitch rate a certain type or class of bond, the average investor might believe that they can compare bonds from different parts of the globe, based on that rating.
We at The KIN Consortium are about to clarify the details of that facade.

"April 7th, 2011 Arab News Article:  Stay tuned to earnings season"

Published: Apr 7, 2011 00:26 Updated: Apr 7, 2011 00:26

Corporate earnings reports will be announced next week in the US financial markets, and we at The KIN Consortium are anticipating conference calls that are full of bad news, regarding industries that import from Japan.
We recommend that everybody stay tuned to the conference calls, and pay particular attention to how the various management teams plan to react to the recent Japanese Black Swan.
The publicly traded companies will probably suffer a dramatic pull back in market capitalization, as a result of their inability to meet market demand for their finished products.
We are recommending to all our readers that they hedge themselves immediately with the appropriate options strategies for a declining market.

"March 31st, 2011 Arab News Article:  Suitability to invest"

Published: Mar 31, 2011

The local Saudi Arabian stock market Tadawul is a long only market that has no derivatives or stock options, and it's impossible to short the stocks. The rise and fall of the individual stocks is fundamentally based on large investors buying or selling the individual stocks. There are no automated leveraged computerized traders on the Tadawul. The only leverage comes in the form of overdraft accounts or Murabaha loans. We conducted a series of interviews with regional managers of brokerage departments across the Kingdom, and the one complaint that they all shared was a lack of margin facilities for their trading clients. We quickly pointed out that it is our firm belief that margin does not have a place in the Tadawul stock market due to the very nature of momentum and volatility in a market that ignores the principles of fundamental analysis. The status quo is that the online traders are equivalent to gamblers on an online casino in March of 2011.

"March 24th, 2011 CNN Article:   Trading Stocks on my Samsung Galaxy Tab"

"Click here for the Option strategies Videos & Powerpoints"

March 24th, 2011 Arab News Article:  Manufacturing in the KSA!

By KHALID I. NATTO Published: Mar 24, 2011 00:45 Updated: Mar 24, 2011 00:45 We are living in some exciting times with all that's going on in the news. I am talking specifically about Japan and the earthquakes, exploding nuclear reactors, electricity blackouts, volcanoes, tidal waves, mass evacuations of Tokyo, mass destruction, closing of manufacturing plants, and the chaos of the financial markets. We recently discussed the ramifications of the chaos on the insurability of Tokyo based businesses in a video on our website at The fact is that Japanese businesses have been suffering from the rising Japanese yen (JPY). This problem has been compounded by rising insurance premiums, which is hindering the profitability of the various Japanese manufacturers. The visionary leader Toyoda is the CEO of Toyota Manufacturing Company actually mentioned in an interview recently that he was open to considering changing the location of his manufacturing facilities if the yen continued to rise. I am earnestly waiting for his next public statements regarding the impact of Insurance premiums on the bottom line of his income statements. There are obviously a number of locations across the globe that are going to be aggressively lobbying the various manufacturers for their investments, yet from our analysis we would like to highlight the advantages of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

"March 17th, 2011 CNN Article:  News on Japan and Option Strategies"


March 10th, 2011 Arab News Article:  Is KSA the land of opportunity?

Published: Mar 10, 2011
Ongoing projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia include economic cities, industrial zones, universities, Islamic tourism, hospitals, railways, desalinization plants, refineries, new electricity companies, converting deserts into farms, and the list goes on.
I have recently interviewed a series of chief financial officers (CFO) of different multibillion dollar companies in the KSA. We discussed both their vision for the future in terms of the local economy, and the opportunities that are available in the international market as a result of the global financial crises. Of course I suggested the acquisition strategy, which assumes that the international manufacturers are liquidity starved, and that seizing the opportunity in this type of a market is mutually beneficial to both international manufacturers and Saudi companies.

March 3rd, 2011 Arab News Article:  Secondary markets respond

Published: March 3rd, 2011
 Whether it is manufacturing software or hardware, everybody needs both a primary and a secondary market. Defining a brand image with features based on functionality and quality is key to capturing market share. In fact reinforcing the brand name with warranties and assurances of the highest quality standards is an investment in both customer satisfaction and futures sales. The customers will then provide word of mouth advertising for the brand name, with their personal testimonials to their friends and families. Each individual manufacturer of software or hardware must meticulously survey and manage the highest quality and efficiency standards not only for his production line, but also for the secondary market.

February 24th, 2011 Arab News Article:  Of commodities, currency and equity volatility

Published: Feb 24, 2011
 In an attempt to get our bearings on the status quo of the international markets, we found that it’s crucial to track a number of underlying assets at the same time. From the chart you can immediately get a feel for the money flow in the markets. At a quick glance you can determine the rises and falls of each facet of the market. If you need to track these particular commodities, currencies or equities on a daily basis you can refer to my website 24 hours a day 7 days a week

February 17th, 2011 Arab News Article:  Automated socialism

Published: Feb 17, 2011
  When the markets rise and fall based on computerized trades,   where are the checks and balances for price discovery and fair market value?    This current trend takes us away from free market principles and it leads us toward centralized or politicized markets. The politicians and their special interest constituency are funneling subsidies at projects (for example: The green agenda) with no natural market demand;  thus,  creating artificial demand in the market place.   Then they attempt to resell the project to investment bankers in the financial markets, who are in turn relying on automated computer programs, as opposed to convincing real investors.   The machines are trading with at least 40 times their principle investment, while retail investors trade on only 2 times margin.    The sheer volume of the leveraged machine can literally wash out the human investor.    This is automated socialism as opposed to free market capitalism.

February 10th, 2011 Arab News Article:  Saving real estate valuations
We at The KIN Consortium would like to take this historical opportunity to discuss abolishing the credit default swap (CDS).
In the recent past, we have published a plethora of reasons why it is fundamentally unsound to ignore credit analysis in favor of loan guarantees like the CDS. Let's take the opportunity to discuss the respective rates of the various countries involved in a crises in North Africa. The loan insurance rates (CDS) for Egypt are literally flying as a result of the chaos.

February 3rd, 2011 Arab News Article:  Saving real estate valuations
The price of real estate has both historically and fundamentally been based on its rental income or earnings potential. Other factors that can influence real estate values can be certain intangibles like having famous neighbors, or having an extraordinary architectural design. We at The KIN Consortium have found that property values have fluctuated in an erratic manner around the world. The irrational valuations have literally ground the world financial system to a halt in the past few years. So here we are in February of 2011 trying to return to the fundamentals of real estate valuations.
Spike in NPL at Banks

Published: Jan 29, 2011
   The Saudi Credit Bureau has been doing a fantastic job since its inception in 2004. It will be put to the test regarding the expected flood of credit defaults. A combination of severe rains and delays in construction are the most recent catalysts in the deflation of liquidity in the local economy. We at The KIN Consortium are expecting a spike in Non Performing Loans NPL at the local banks and creditors.

January 20th, 2011 Arab News Article:  FX risk on auto importers
Saudi importers have a number of market risks, one of which is foreign exchange. The volatility in the foreign exchange markets can easily wipe out the profit margins of a number of different sectors of the economy. The issues of foreign exchange risk can easily be addressed at the treasury department of every bank in the Kingdom. There are plenty of option strategies to hedge positions on commodities and currencies.

January 13th, 2011 Arab News Article:  Natural demand vs artificial demand
All the various concepts of automation were first introduced in the industrial sector. Now they are being applied to the financial services sector. It made more sense in the industrial sector since we were dealing with the automation of tangibles. The creation of cars through robots would allow for less defects, faster and continuous production, less cost of labor and labor related accidents. The quality control of the product can be quantified statistically and the process can be adjusted to attain a perfect balance between the cost of goods produced and the highest quality standards. It leads to protocols and books that discuss statistical analysis for monitoring any process, such as Six Sigma, The Toyota Way and Lean. It’s gotten to a point that the cheapness of Asian labor argument has been deemed obsolete since everything is automated. If robots produce all cars then we should be able to produce the cars anywhere. Thus we at The KIN Consortium are supporters of the automation of the industrial sector, since it is our drive and motivation to industrialize Saudi Arabia.

January 6th, 2011 Arab News Article:  Natural demand vs artificial demand
Modern day economics is not a far cry from the days of Adam Smith. In his book the "Wealth of Nations" he discusses issues like competitive advantage, the freedom of the movement within the economy, and how market prices would be set by supply and demand. Today we have the same age-old struggle of manipulation in the markets hindering the price discovery process. In this article we are going to discuss natural demand and the efficiency of manufacturers who respond to the market, and we are also going to discuss artificial demand and the inefficiency of investing in the manufacturing of products that have no natural market demand. It is amazing how the sheer implication of a government subsidy can open the doors to the financial markets. Let us take a look at the automobile sector and the solar industry sector for the sake of our discussion.

December 30th, 2010 Arab News Article:  Corporate immortality attained in Middle East
During the recent financial crises in 2008, the belief systems of the investors and the markets were put to a test. Brand names that were synonymous with quality and safety were suddenly shunned as counterfeit or fake. Companies like Lehman Brothers disappeared, and GM declared bankruptcy. The ramifications reached old customers, new customers, spare part suppliers, employees, retirees, shareholders and the list goes on. The survival of the brand names came down to a series of fundamental questions. What is real? What does the secondary market believe about your brand name? In other words, does GM have a good reputation and corporate identity overseas? Was the brand name incorporated as a part of local cultures?

December 23rd, 2010 Arab News Article:   The markets have changed in the last 10 years
I remember being a young banker at Banque Saudi Fransi back in 1995. I had just completed my first year training program, and I was in line for a career with a well-established bank in Saudi Arabia. Then I came upon a moment that changed my destiny. My supervisor got promoted to Switzerland; he was going to become a "Swiss Banker". The local French manager gathered all the corporate and commercial bankers into the hallway, as he handed my supervisor a box of cigars and a leather pouch. The Frenchman then proclaimed that he was "A Real Banker", as he smiled and looked over the rest of us Saudi bankers with disdain. That was the pivotal moment in my career. That’s when I decided that I would endeavor to be the best of the best. Armed with my desire and self-esteem, I took my savings of $25,000, packed my clothes and I was off to America.

December 16th, 2010 Arab News Article:
"Investors Prefer Commodities to Securities......." Whether it is Gold or Oil, certain commodities thrive in chaos and uncertainty. Morgan Stanley actually bought a physical oil tanker filled with oil, in the midst of the financial crises in 2008. History has also shown us how people have chased that soft and shiny metal Gold for one reason or another. In fact, there are companies in both Madrid and Dubai that offer Gold per ounce through ATM Machines 24 hours a day. These two commodities in particular offer their respective owners the perception of safety and comfort, in an environment where the World Media is riddled with stories about chaos and bankruptcies. It seems the most prudent investors are investing into these commodities with great success.

December 9th, 2010 Arab News Article:
   Big investing trend in medical science
Saudi Arabia is world renowned for being the center of spiritual healing with the presence of the two cities of Makkah and Madinah. However, the current trend in investing in medical science is very interesting. It is an incredible vision that combines both faith and science. The state of the art medical facilities currently being discussed in Madinah at the Knowledge Economic City is said to be an environment that parallels the city's ambiance of both serenity and spirituality. Relaxation for the mind, body and soul is offered to accelerate healing.

December 2nd, 2010:
   Its an exciting time in the Financial Markets of the Middle East, as we close out the first decade with deals that can only spur the financial industry forward. Islamic Banking has become the chosen means of finance not only with Islamic Companies, but obviously by multinational corporations like Total. Rest assured, based on the research that we have undertaken at The KIN Consortium, 2011 is going to be an extra ordinary year. Both the IPO Pipeline and Sukuk Pipeline are growing daily. We are keeping a vigilant watch over the New Projects that are vying for the facilities offered by Islamic Finance. We are living in interesting times.

November 17th, 2010:
   Correlation vs Diversification in the Financial Markets

November 16th, 2010:
   Economic Cities in Saudi Arabia Grow with The Acquisition Strategy

November 14th, 2010:
   Status Quo: We have the US Treasury committing the same crime that it has accused the Chinese of doing. In our example of Quantitative Easing QE2 is literally currency manipulation and government intervention. While we sit back and watch the Chinese struggle with the mind bending hypocritical logic of our times, the free market capitalist finds comfort in his realization that the IMF is working on alternatives like the Special Drawing Rights (SDR). While its still in its early stages of discussion, its comforting to see that they have recognized the systemic problems of the Bretton Woods Agreement.
   Finally we would like to reiterate that it is the firm belief of The KIN Consortium that the concept of Loan Insurance on any level be it corporate, State, or Federal should be illegal. It has no place in banking or the financial markets. We wholeheartedly support the courageous and controversial move of the Government of Germany in the outlawing of the Credit Default Swap (CDS). Its High Time for an honest review of balance sheets for fair market value. The shining example of traditional banking is Islamic Banking, which is asset backed loans. If we use that as our fulcrum, we can easily see how Western economies are see sawing with their metaphysical insurance guarantees, and their imminent bankruptcy.

November 13th, 2010:
   The Saudi Gazette Article "Islamic Tourism Sector Grows as the Facilities at The Holy Sites Expand" “We at The KIN Consortium believe that Islamic tourism is the ideal growth strategy and it should be funded from all various resources of capital.”

November 3rd, 2010:
   The Saudi Gazette Article "Liquidity Flows from West to East" The fact of the matter is both Saudi banks and Saudi Companies have issued and continue to issue bonds on the London Stock Exchange. They are issuing Euro Medium Term Notes (EMTN ), which are 5 year bonds. From our research it seems that both HSBC and Calyon are opening this portal of liquidity to the KSA Economy. Of course these facilities are only open to the most renowned and respectable companies in the region.

October 15th, 2010:
New Audio PDF's On Amazon . com Audio PDF Available for immediate download. You can listen to this Ebook on your smartphone, laptop, Ipad, or computer.

October 15th, 2010:    Audio PDF Available for immediate download. You can listen to this Ebook on your smartphone, laptop, Ipad, or computer.  

October 4th, 2010:
   The response in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the reinvigorating of the Saudi Agriculture Agenda. Everything from Govt. financing via the Ministry of Finance and the Agriculture Development Fund to the Saudi Agriculture Expo for 2010. The Expo will feature a NEW Economic City named the Prince Abdul-Aziz Mousaed Economic City which will be located near Hail. This initiative serves a variety of purposes beginning with the stabilization of commodity prices, and ending with cooling the planet by converting barren desert lands into farms. We are experiencing bold new changes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with meticulous planning and targeted Government investments. This Agriculture Expo will serve as a beacon to the world of the brilliance of the leadership of the Royal Family of Al Saud.

August 31st, 2010: "(Updated with Charts) Algorithmic Trading and Artificial Demand"

May 21st, 2010: "Algorithmic Trading and Artificial Demand"

May 4th, 2010: "Europe Abandons the Rating Agencies"

April 1st, 2010: "The London Stock Exchange is the Beacon of Capitalism"

February 4th, 2010: "We at The KIN Consortium are proud to announce that we have recently developed a technique to stream audio files through a PDF File."

Status Quo Dec. 24th, 2009: "Economic City Case Study" The Economic Cities are Master Developers who derive their revenues from leases and sale of land. They also intend to own a significant percentage of a number of the manufacturers in the Economic Cities (EC). I have interviewed a series of Senior level Managers at three Economic Cities. Their responses were merely an echo of the original Master Plan that was created by Sagia prior to "The Global Financial Crises". There was a tone of innocence in their voices, as they repeated the same rehearsed speeches. They are depending upon the Saudi Govt. loans, foreign direct investment from of manufacturers and tenants, and they firmly believe they deserve unsecuritized term loans.

August 15th, 2009 "Technical Charts on the Sectors and Individual Stocks in the Saudi Stock Market Tadawul"

August 3th, 2009 "Profit from Defamation of Character with a Naked CDS"

July 4th, 2009 "Why is it important to Use Option Strategies and Technical Anaylsis in the Volatile Markets in 2009" Discussing Strategies & software programs for charting and order entry.

June 15, 2009 "Updated with more Option Strategies and Technical Anaylsis for Serious Investors" Discussing the Short Straddle, Long Call Butterfly, & Long Call Condor Strategies, along with software programs for charting and order entry.

June 3rd, 2009 "Structured Products Strategy" The key to this investment strategy is in monitoring the markets with vigilance.

May 26, 2009 "Option Strategies and Technical Anaylsis for Serious Investors" Learning to use discipline not emotion, when the fundamentals don't make sense.

May 25, 2009 "How will the World Change as a result of the SDR?"
English and Arabic Comparison of the Pegged Currency and Floating Currency Economies.

May 15, 2009
"Tadawul The Saudi Arabian Stock Market & Nasdaq Dubai"
As the GCC continues to merge and use the same software platforms and exchanges in America and Europe, it should be easier to attain Fair Market Value for both equities and bonds in the region.

March 1, 2009 "Islamic Financing Is A Viable Alternative To The Chaos in The Financial Markets"

     In the midst of a Global Economic Crisis, both governments and investors are pondering the following question. What is the solution to the Global Financial Market Meltdown ? The think tank at The KIN Consulting and Research Services Company have spanned the globe searching for potential solutions. We have found one model that seems to be working in The Second Holiest City in Islam Al Medina.

January 29, 2009 "New Accounting Standards RELAUNCHED FOR DAVOS, SWITZERLAND"
The Root of the Problem is the lack of Checks & Balances =

     It is the position of The KIN Consortium that the system needs checks and balances.  In the past Stock brokers were the advocates of the investors. When that position was diluted if not eliminated, there was no internal voice of the investors.  The alternative was the internet discussion rooms and emails to the SEC;  however, they were largely ignored. The Political power and influence of the UNDERWRITER or Investment Banking Firm would stifle the complaints. Eventually we became faced with .....THE SYSTEMIC FAILURE OF 2008!

October 2008 The GCC Economic Model seems to have the most potential in the Current Global Economy. They have designed a SELF SUSTAINING GROWTH STRATEGY that entails excelling in real estate development.

August 2008 Chairman Khalid I Natto Adopts 'Lively' Googles New Virtual Reality Program. "Virtual Reality is a new experience. We at The KIN Consortium have been doing BETA TESTING for the latest google programs in a variety of languages.
The general market's reaction is 'Irrational Exuberance'. Kids of all ages and ethnic groups want to play in their own respective languages along with more interactivity. Obviously this is just the beginning of the Evolution of the Internet. "

December 2007 Chairman Khalid I Natto adopts 802.11N Standard as he says,

"Broadband Wifi makes the Internet a new experience:"
    The applications that can be used on the latest Wifi standards make using the Internet feel NEW again. You remember that feeling of going online for the very first time? Imagine signing on to Yahoo or playing interactive video games at the pool. Ooooh or better yet using Skype or Yahoo Mobile from the pool while streaming video on your webcam! All this can be possible now if you have the latest router standard 802.11N. Thats just from a user perspective.

    Imagine if you are a developer and your designing websites and applications that need more bandwidth like Virtual Reality (VR). Here come the 90's all over again! Oh yeah baby! Finally VR outdoors !!! Ladies and gentlemen the fact is an ADSL fixed cable connection of 100 Mbps turns into 300 Mbps Wifi !!

November 2007 Chairman Natto has once again taken on a monumental cause. He has called it the "Turn the World Green Project"

  The Chairman of the Board of the KIN Consulting & Research Services, has decided to publish some of his solutions for the Global Warming Issues. Chairman Natto's solution is simply to turn the world green. We must follow up an initiative started up by The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, that involves turning salt water into drinking water. The Chairman is promoting these ideas in an effort to enhance competition in the production of the latest technology called, "Reverse Osmosis".

  Lets end famine in the Third World by saving the planet with food, water, and clean air. The plan is to use the "Global Warming" enthusiasts as a lead in. For example, when they whine about the weather or the polar ice caps. Mention that Chairman Natto believes that his "Turn the World Green" Project will have fantastic repercussion's in terms of its Economic impact, Environmental Impact, & Humanitarian Impact.

April 2007 Chairman Khalid I Natto launched "New Accounting Standards "   a white paper that discusses reinforcing the financial statements of publicly traded companies with video and audio. The audio visual database can be accessed by all prospective investors at any time (Real time and archives). The regulators, management, and investors can use Object Recognition Technology (ORT) to scan all the video content in the database. They can also scan all the audio for recordings ranging from the production facility to the sales force. Everything except for the Research & Development Divisions must be saved in the databases.

January 2006    Chairman Natto built The Chairman's Spider Web as a portal for investors, scientists, politicians, & medical students to facilitate the Medical Research Project.

4/11/2005 Chairman Natto used the Video Formatting Expertise of The KIN Productions to capture the attention and support of Senators in Washington:

Senator Sam Brownback
1* Read "The Congress.Org Website" for further information."

Senator Gordon Smith
2* Read "USA Today" website for further information."
3* Read "The Congress.Org Website" for further information."

Our Belief

     The Video Internet Industry

   My customers are racking up their metrix and demanding higher advertising revenues on their sites, simply because people are watching their videos. Lets take a look at the comments of the market place about the Internet Video Industry. The Industry is talking Flash, Quicktime, and other stupid video formats:

1. The files are too big (Takes too long to download video).
2. They don't have players on the website.
3. The customer needs to install something or other.

   The fact of the matter is if we use my Video engineering solution, companies can sell their own image with high quality video like on TV! Except its on 24 hours a day 7 days a week! All the customer has to do is CLICK on the "PLAY" button.

   If your interested in outsourcing any video work, I make the videos files so small that they flow on any modem and the graphics bring the page to life. Recently I have been playing with animated backgrounds. For awhile I was working on animated buttons and banners, but now I am telling you animation in the background draws in the audience. I have increased my metrix in terms of time spent on page and number of downloads.

The Market:

1. Film Industry:
The market is huge for the formatting of films from Dubai Media City, Indian Film Industry, Lebanese Film Industry, Egyptian Film Industry, French Film Industry, etc.   The key selling points are increasing distribution, influence, & pools of experience via the films being available online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

2. Medium & Small Size Businesses:
   A. The Marketing Video can be an introduction to the company, the executives, and their products and services. This works for Art Galleries, Hotels, Jewelry Shops and other kinds of retailers.
   B. The Support Videos will supplant the FAQ format.

    While the world is waiting for BROADBAND, I already have a solution that offers easily downloadable videos on almost any modem!

    "Chairman Natto believes the Internet World is adopting Broadband at a rapid rate. Technology like VSAT is going to make video easily available to and from consumers. The "Old Media" monopoly of News or Advertisments is fading, as the world seizes the opportunity for freedom of expression via VIDEO BROADCASTS on the web. Welcome to the Internet Revolution! Freedom of Speech & Self Expression!"



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